Wine bottling supplies available

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Wine bottling supplies available

Postby wyzzyrdd » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:07 am

I picked up the last of the wine bottles that East Grove is discontinuing. Kurt mentioned they have other supplies they are looking to get rid of. They have totes of corks (printed with East Grove on the side) and PVC capsules (the heat-shrink plastic that goes over the corked end of the bottle). They also have two small red floor corkers they intend to get rid of. They haven't decided on pricing yet.

Also, they have 45 cases of product that they are going to unbottle, carbonate, and then rebottle. So they have 45 cases of green burgundy bottles to dispose of and will sell at a discounted price.

If you have any interested in any of these items, let me know right away.
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