Pastrami - round 2

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Pastrami - round 2

Postby tony b » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:05 pm

Did another pastrami. Full piece of brisket flat (pre-packed corned beef) - about 3.5lbs. Soaked overnight in water to remove some brine (didn't do that with the first one and it came out a bit salty). Rubbed with fresh cracked blacked pepper and coriander seeds, with granulated garlic, and a touch of kosher salt. Vacuum packed and cured in the fridge for a week. Put on the smoker @ 225F, with apple, peach, and hickory. Cooked to meat temp of 192F (target was 190F). Time on the smoker was about 12 hours. Wrapped in foil, then into the fridge. Sample it at lunch today. Much better than trial #1 (samples at the last Club meeting) - less salty, not so aggressive on the pepper flavor, and better smoke. Only critique was that I might have gone too light on the rub this time. Trial and error. That's why I like BBQ, it's like brewing beer, lots of experimentation.
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Re: Pastrami - round 2

Postby Steven P » Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:42 am

I suggest letting it rest in the fridge after smoking for a few days. When you are ready to eat it put it in the steamer (asian wok type or otherwise) to heat up before slicing. That last rest lets the rub and smoke meld nicely.
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