Ulitmate Pork Decadence

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Ulitmate Pork Decadence

Postby tony b » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:17 pm

With the nice break in the weather, I got motivated to finally make the porchetta that I'd been planning for months.

First, you need a fresh (uncured) pork belly with skin on, and a nice pork loin roast.

002.JPG (1.61 MiB) Viewed 673 times

In between, you need some sort of filling/dressing. I went with boursin cheese w/garlic & herbs, homemade pesto w/pistachios, and a sprinkling of dried sage.

004.JPG (1.6 MiB) Viewed 673 times

Some assembly required and onto the grill. Exterior was dusted with Hawaiian red sea salt, fresh black pepper and powdered garlic.

008.JPG (1.62 MiB) Viewed 673 times

Smoked @ 250F, with hickory and peach woods, to an internal temp of 180F.

010.JPG (1.6 MiB) Viewed 673 times

And no good food porn would be complete without the money shot!

014.JPG (1.62 MiB) Viewed 673 times

Insanely unctuous! A serious heart attack on a plate!

Didn't quite get the crackling skin (chicharon) that I was looking for, more like "pork taffy," - soft and chewy; it actually stuck to my teeth. So, I took the skin off and cubed it. Will try deep frying it to achieve chicharon bliss!
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