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[crbrew] Club name

Postby exdevildogcpl » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:59 pm

I don’t have his e-mail.  I usually contacted him through the Cedar Brewing website, but I don’t see it on there now.  I think he use to have a website called Mr. Goodbeer.  You might try that or the yellow pages.
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Thanks for the history.  It seems that whatever members of the club want to do is appropriate.  There is some continuity and yet there is a new beginning.  Lets keep thinking about who we are, what we want to do, and what we want to call ourselves.
Mike Snyder is a friend, and now that he is not the brewer at Cedar Brewing, perhaps he has returned to home brewing.  He might like to join us.  Do you have his email address?
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To clarify some issues about the club:
The contact person for the CRAZY club was Mike Snyder (according to the AHA website).  When I e-mailed him about meetings, dues, etc., he stated that they no longer were meeting, but that they might try to get the club going later.
There was one meeting in Nov 2001 that had a pretty good turnout at Cedar Brewing (around 15 people).  After 2-3 months, Cedar Brewing would not allow us to meet in the pub, or more specifically, we couldn’t bring in outside beer.
Growth was slow.  Mike was always invited (according to a former member) but finally stated in an e-mail that he no longer homebrewed and to stop contacting him.
At one meeting we decided to change our name to CRBrew. 
So in a way, we are a new club.  I think only Pete was with the CRAZY group when they were active.
Hope this info helps!
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I find it hard to vote in this poll concerning the name of the club.
As a new member who has attended only 2 meetings, I am not sure if
this is a new club or the continuation of an already existing club.
From the conversation at the last meeting, it seemed to me that other
members were not sure either.  I think that if we want to identify
with the CRAZY club we should go with that name, but if we see
ourselves as a new group, perhaps we want a new name.

I think the polls are fine, but I suggest that the results be advisory
to those who go to the meetings and the decision should be made after
further discussion at a meeting.  Talking after a few beers always
improves the group thinking.

David Ard

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