[crbrew] FW: 2006 Hurricane Blowoff Homebrew Competition

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[crbrew] FW: 2006 Hurricane Blowoff Homebrew Competition

Postby exdevildogcpl » Sun Mar 05, 2006 4:06 pm

Here's another competition for all interested.

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Subject: 2006 Hurricane Blowoff Homebrew Competition

Howdy and Please Participate in the 2006 Palm Beach Draughtsmen Hurricane
Blowoff. This is a blanket email going to all homebrew clubs listed with
the AHA. Info is contained in the word doc attachment enclosed. Entries
can be registered and paid for via PayPal on our website

We are also attempting an international practical joke on our announcer
during the awards ceremony. If you would be a good sport please name all
your entries "Hello, my name is Dan Oliver and I'm an alcoholic."

Good luck and Happy Brewing

Patrick Fossett
2006 Hurricane Blowoff Head Steward
Palm Beach Draughtsmen

"A clear conscience is often the result of a poor memory."

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