[crbrew] FW: MHTG 19th Annual Big & Huge Homebrew Competitio

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[crbrew] FW: MHTG 19th Annual Big & Huge Homebrew Competitio

Postby exdevildogcpl » Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:17 pm

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From: Tony Jacques [mailto:ajacques@wisc.edu]
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Subject: MHTG 19th Annual Big & Huge Homebrew Competition

Dear Homebrewers:

The Madison Homebrewers & Tasters Guild is proud to sponsor the 19th
Annual Big & Huge Homebrew Competition. Homemade beers will be
evaluated by the trained palates of experienced beer judges. Beer
evaluation sheets will be returned to every entrant with helpful
comments and advice. Awards will be presented in five categories. The
Best of Show beer will receive the coveted WOOLY MAMMOTH plaque. The
HAIRLESS MOUSE plaque awarded to the winner of the CMS category. Come
to the competition to participate in the homebrew exchange and meet
other brewers and beer lovers.

The competition is sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program
and will follow its competition procedures. Each beer will be evaluated
according to Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines as
indicated by the brewer. Please contact us if you are interested in
judging or stewarding (see below).

When: Saturday, May 6th

Where: Ale Asylum, 3698 Kinsman Blvd., Madison, WI 53704

Entry Requirements: Three 12 ounce or larger bottles per entry. Bottles
and caps should have no labels or identifying marks. Attach one
completed entry form to each bottle with a rubber band. Include an
entry fee check payable to the Madison Homebrewers & Tasters Guild.

Entry Fee: $5 per entry
Entry Form: http://mhtg.org/contests/2006%20Big&HugeEntry.pdf

Big Ale (Original Specific Gravity: 1.050 to 1.060)
Big Lager (1.050 to 1.060)
Huge Ale (>1.060)
Huge Lager (>1.060)
CMS (Ciders, Meads & Sakes) (>1.050)

Prizes will be awarded to all place winners in each category.

Entry Deadline: Deliver entries to Big & Huge Competition, c/o Ale
Asylum, 3698 Kinsman Blvd, Madison, WI 53704 until Thursday, May 4th.
Affix a copy of the registration form to each bottle with a rubber band.
Any questions? Contact Mark Alfred, or Mark Schnepper (see below)

About the Club: The Madison Homebrewers & Tasters Guild, Ltd. is a
nonprofit club devoted to the brewing and appreciation of well-made
beers. Visit our website for more information:

Corporate Sponsors: Ale Asylum; All About Beer Magazine; Beersmith;
Briess Malt and Ingredients Company; Cynmar Corporation; Freshops; Hop
Union CBS LLC; Logic Inc.; Glasses, Mugs and Steins; Malt Advocate
Magazine; Midwest Supplies; Siebel Institute of Technology; Sierra
Nevada Brewing Company; White Labs Inc.; Williams Brewing Company

For further information, contact:
Mark Alfred at (608) 217-4160, mailto:hulsie2002@yahoo.com
Mark Schnepper at (608) 882-4523, mailto:mschnepper@yahoo.com

Tony Jacques
Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild

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