New Hop varieties.

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New Hop varieties.

Postby Steven P » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:00 am

There's an article in the new BYO about four new hop varieties. I picked up two lb of Belma (on the cheap, $5lb) and one lb of Legacy ($7/lb )earlier this year.

So far I had made a Belgian blonde with the Legacy and have already kicked the keg at a company party. There was a lot of grassy herbal minty character that came through from late additions. It was nice, but would have been better in something else. The funny thing is I'm not sure what precisely. BYO recommends something dark. Maybe a Mint Chocolate stout?

I did a Saison with a late addition of Belma and there's some dank/citrus character to it but not really very much came through. I didn't think the pellets smelled that good in raw form but recall the late kettle addition having a nice aroma. It's a rather high AA @ 9.8% so I'm thinking I might knock out a continuously hopped IPA with some here in the next few weeks.

The other two are Calypso and Mosaic . I couldn't find Mosaic but I damn well love SOSUS from TG. Austin Homebrew has had Calypso for a year or so IIRC.

Anyway, I'm willing to share the Belma as I have 2 lb I don't think I'll ever get through. Send me a PM if you want a few oz.
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