Ich bin ein Berliner (Weisse)

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Postby andrewmaixner » Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:31 am

So, initial results are in for the dry hopped light sour. (I will bring it next week to meeting).

Started with the 3.5% berliner weisse base, propagated from grain and kettle soured pre-boil to pH 3.3, FG 1.007.

Split the experimental 5gal portion between simcoe, mosaic, and el dorado, at the pellet dry-hop rate of .2oz/gal (1oz/5gal) for 1 week. All were good. I did some testing and blending pre-keg and ended up deciding to blend the mosaic and simcoe, skip the el dorado in future (it was good, but not as good).

My initial impression is that the dry hop did very well in balancing out the lactic acid, with the overall flavor perception being much smoother and more balanced than the straight berliner weisse.

I brought a growler if it to friend's house last night and got 100% positive results from everyone who sampled it, including:
-one who doesn't like beer (she's already a fan of my hard lemonade)
-one who "likes" beer about 25% of the time (I can never pin down a style pattern for her, but she doesn't like IPAs or BMC -- yet the aromatic hops worked well in this for her, Tinseth IBU was very low,6ish)
-2 people who tend to like craft beer
-2 people who brew

Haven't bought another bottle to sample side by side yet, but in one month I can now make something very roughly approximating Le Terroir with a lot less alcohol and at 1/20th the price. I'm sure it wouldn't stand up side-by-side, but it's going to make a darn good lawnmower beer!
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