Brambling Cross SMaSH IPA

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Brambling Cross SMaSH IPA

Postby karl » Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:17 pm

Having recently read about the flavor profile of the Brambling Cross hop varietal, I was intrigued enough to try a full-scale batch at the Laughing Kitten home brewery. The recipe as I have designed it so far is as follows:

22 lbs Simpson's Golden Promise Malt
2 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 60 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 30 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 15 minutes
1 tsp. Irish Moss, boil 10 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 5 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 30 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, boil 0 minutes
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, whirlpool at 195 degrees
1 oz. Brambling Cross Hops, whirlpool at 165 degrees
1 oz. Burton Water Salts
17 gallons water, reverse osmosis filtered

The spectrum of late-addition hops is perhaps a bit modernist for an English IPA. But, Brambling Cross is a modern varietal, so what the heck. BeerSmith calculates the O.G. at 1.054 mg/cl (with mash at 152 degrees Fahrenheit) and the bitterness at 41 IBU. Both of these are on the low end of the style range for English IPA, but the idea is to try to get the hops to stand out. The estimated color is 3.8 SRM, but the electric brew kettle carmelizes more than is typical and I expect the color to be more like 6 SRM.

This is the first time I'm using R.O. filtered water and I am still studying on adding minerals to create a water profile. The Burton water salts is perhaps a bit minimal for re-establishing minerals. Does anyone have any recommendations for other mineral/salt additions?

Does anyone else have comments/suggestions?

Finally, I'm planning on brewing on Monday 7/3 starting sort of early in the day to be done by mid afternoon. Presently, I'm planning on mash-in at 0800. Anyone that can stand the combination of the schedule, a nearly-geriatric cat (Buffy, the brewery mascot) in the house and a messy basement is welcome to stop by. PM me for the address.
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Re: Brambling Cross SMaSH IPA

Postby andrewmaixner » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:15 pm

My basic "balanced" addition for an 11 gal batch (usually about 14-17gal full volume BIAB water) is 5g epsom 5g gypsum 10g CaCl.
For IPAs I bump up the gypsum as high as 20g, maybe drop down the CaCl, and may have another additional post fermentation addition of gypsum if not bitter enough.
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