FS misc brewing stuff (moving)

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FS misc brewing stuff (moving)

Postby ferraliscl » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:57 am

Hey guys, I'm moving and trying to get rid of a bunch of my stuff.

Here's a link to craigslist with images.

you can ignore the pricing, I NEED to sell them so make an offer.

I need to sell all of this stuff by Thursday, preferably tomorrow. I'd even more so like to sell everything as one, because I don't want to be driving around all day for multiple people.

I don't have a co2 tank or a regulator, but there is a little bit of beer left in the keg just to prove that it's pressurized still. I also have backup O-rings for you.

2 bottling buckets
2 fermenting buckets
1 clear fermenting carbot
wort chiller
ball lock keg (some tubing, no co2 tank)
various extra grain,
star san
10 gallon pot for boiling!!
stirring spoons
bottle cleaner (hooks up to sink)
various extra supplies & stuff
Grain mill so you don't have to use kits anymore!!

this is a perfect cheap setup for someone trying to get into homebrewing beer, I can meet you halfway if you're far away too!
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