Yuengling fights Bud - Miller Merge

Yuengling fights Bud - Miller Merge

Postby daryl » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:06 am

Many years ago, there were many, small independent breweries in England. Heck, in the 60's, there were at least a half-dozen independent breweries in Cincinnati.

In England, there is very little diversity in beer vendors....the craft beer industry is just now beginning to make its mark in the pubs....but the pubs were generally ruled by the clan beer from which the pub purchased their beer. Because of that, injection of craft beers into the public houses has been very limited. Only the taproom type public houses will give you a very nice selection of draught beer. Bottles are available, but most of them are from the USA.

On a smaller scale, the same thing has happened....all of the local breweries were bought out and are not brewed out of state, if at all. But there are some really nice local craft breweries making beer. I am betting that as they grow, they too will be bought out.

Yuengling certainly has its own vested interests, but I believe their situation is a common trickle-down threat to craft beer.

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